How We Work

Recurring families

Call or e-mail the agency at any time to request a sitter.  Include your name, phone number, date and time you need a sitter, and number of children that will be at home.  You will be contacted shortly.  If you need a sitter in less than 24 hours please call or in the subject line of your e-mail type “URGENT”.

Please note, we ask at-least a 2 hour turn around for short notice babysitting.

For new families

Anyone with children is able to use our service. However, if you were not referred by a family who already uses the agency, we require a meet and greet at a public place, with your child/children with the first time sitter.  Our number one priority is safety for not only your children, but for our amazing sitters!  Sitters have the option to take or not take a job based on this meeting.  Once you meet, and the sitter accepts to work for you, you are able to use our service which includes last minute babysitting at any time.

When e-mailing, please include your name, number of children, date, time, what area you live in, and which family referred our agency to you.  If you were not referred, please let us know where you heard about us and we will contact you shortly.  We will set up a meet and greet for you and the sitter so you can start using our service whenever you are in need of a sitter!

**Please note that if you would like to use the same sitter, you can request him/her when you contact us.  The sitters are not to be contacted directly.  This is to ensure smooth operations daily.

Agency E-mail:, Agency Phone number: 917-501-5639


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